Easter is often when the ham is the main course at the family dinner. So, the pressure’s on! There are many unique ways to cook hams. There are many ways to cook ham for your loved ones. Let’s take a deep breath and share some of our best ideas for entertainment. You’re about embarking on a wonderful journey through the world of ham, including brown sugars, pineapples, mustards and marmalades. Let’s go!

1) One-Hour Easter Dinner Ham

This recipe can be prepared on two sheets of pans and make a complete Easter dinner in one hour. You can even add the ham! You won’t only have the ham, but also all the sides.

2) Bourbon Mustard Orange Glazed Ham

A glazed ham is a great way to start with ham making. The meat has been cooked to perfection and is ready to be glazed.

3) Sticky Rosemary Balsamic Easter Ham

This glaze is made from brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, grainy mustard and freshly chopped rosemary. It’s an oven-baked ham that has been cured and cooked. This one will guarantee that your guests will be licking their fingers.

4) Easy Crockpot Honey Ham

My crockpot is a special part of my heart. It is amazing. It does all the cooking, leaving me free to do other things. This honey ham can be easily made in your slow cooker. It makes tender, juicy meat that falls off the bone.

5) Glazed Easter Ham

This glazed ham is a winner! It’s so pretty!¬†I know, I said ham pretty!¬†There is also a secret ingredient that will surprise your guests. Because I am terrible at keeping secrets, I will tell you that it is Dr. Pepper.

6) Instant Pot Easter Ham

An instant pot is the hottest kitchen gadget right now! Why don’t you have one yet? To make thickly sliced ham, combine chicken stock, apple cider, Worcestershire sauce and bay leaves with all the spices. This 30-minute preparation will take you only 30 minutes!

7) Slow Cooker Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin

It’s not a ….ham, but it is pig wrapped with more pig. It can be cooked in a slow cooker and then sliced easily. It had to be on the list, sorry. It’s not something that I think will make anyone sad at the Easter table.

8) Dutch Oven Ham

The dutch oven is a classic camping tool. It can be used to make whole hams in no time. Enjoy a glass of wine while you wait, as you will be as golden as the ham that comes out of the oven.

9) Peach Glazed Ham

This bright and cheerful glazed ham is a great way to bring spring colors to your centerpiece. It’s adorned with sliced Peaches to add some cheer to an otherwise dull spread.

10) Honey Glazed SMOKED Ham

This recipe is not just for pre-smoked hams. It transformed a regular ham into a savory-sweet and spiced ham that can be used in your smoker to make amazing leftovers. They’re not just for outdoor barbecues and big parties. Instead, they are becoming a common cooking tool in garages. The smoker can smoke for six hours without any babysitting. It will leave you speechless.