From the cardboardy pleasures of a McDonald’s Big Mac to the slight-less-greasy-but-just-as-bad-for-you whoppers of Hungry Jack’s, let’s dive in with all the best burgers from Australia’s most iconic fast-food restaurants and burger bars.


We all love McDonald’s, but it’s not the place we choose to eat. Maccas is the only place you’ll find when there’s no other option. Sometimes it’s at 2:20 am, and you don’t know how you got there. Sometimes your feet will lead you to the store without realizing what they are doing.

The Maccas hamburgers are not great. They rank at the bottom.

While there are some great options, such as the Triple Cheeseburger or the Bacon & Egg McMuffin, you will be dealing with a mediocre patty most of the time. This is fine if you have nothing better.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster, much like Maccas, is not an option. It can be found on a road trip or in fever dreams. It’s a better choice than McDonald’s and offers a wider variety (as long you like chicken). Red Rooster offers a variety of beef options, but they aren’t as traditional as other fast-food chains. The Double BBQ Bacon Burger and spicy hellfire chicken patties are both great.

Red Rooster’s burgers are so far down the list that it will be difficult to locate your closest store. Red Rooster is a more difficult chain to find, so it’s not easy to grab one of these bad boys while on the go. It’s still a good place to eat if you happen upon one. The burgers are slightly better than Maccas.


Oporto, like Red Rooster, is all about chicken burgers. They’re delicious if you love chicken. You’ll need to eat a bite if you want to try the burgers. There are burgers with bacon and others that have more patties. You can even choose from vego options. Oporto’s range is depressingly small.

Oporto hamburgers are great (the Bondi Burger is a classic), but the menu lacks the variety that makes it truly outstanding.


I get stomach cramps every time I visit KFC. They are a punishment for consuming a delicious, unhealthy meal.

KFC’s Zinger Stacker Burger has become a fast-food legend. The rest of the menu is equally delicious. You can get a combo meal or quick-and-cheap food, but the whole range is good value for money.

KFC seems slightly healthier than other franchises, as their tomatoes are less gritty, and their lettuce is fresher. But, if you believe my gut, it’s likely the exact opposite. It’s difficult to resist their spicy chicken offerings.


Grill’d the best place to go if you want burgers low in guilt. Grill’d Australia’s only healthy burger joint and offered a wide variety of burgers. Grill offers a variety of hearty meat, chicken, pork, and vegetarian options. Although their burgers aren’t as visually appealing as the typical cheese-stuffed, Instagram-worthy buns they make, they are delicious and well worth a place on your fast-food menu.

The Bird & Brie burger is highly recommended, including chicken, brie, and cranberry sauce. This burger is also healthier than any other on the list.

Hungry Jack’s

Hungry Jack’s was founded from the ashes of America’s Burger King. Its slogan is “The burgers are better”. Although it isn’t on the top of this list, its burgers are quite good.

Its Grill Masters range propels it to the top of the charts. These giants are stuffed with prime beef and layered in enough deliciousness to make you want to take a break between bites. The buns Hungry Jack uses are equally delicious. They are the perfect combination of fluffiness with much-needed structural integrity.

Hungry Jack’s also offers burgers called Big Jack and Mega Jack. We have to give them points.


Nando’s was discovered by me late in this article; I have to admit. Nando’s chicken-themed restaurants are limited in number. However, it would be best if you did not miss Nando’s burgers. It suffers from the “one-item menu syndrome”, just like Red Rooster. Only a few ingredients make their chicken burgers different. If you do it right, the issue is irrelevant.

Nando’s Peri Per Chicken is amazing, and it is great in a burger with lettuce & tomato. Haloumi Burger is a great option if you want something savourier. The Nando’s menu shows that sometimes good things come in small packages.

Ribs & Burgers

Ribs & Burgers are my favourite burger spot. Their burgers are always fresh and delicious. The Old School Cheese is the most reliable option, but if your heart is in a trance, the stacked Wagyu Big Cheese & Bacon will satisfy you. The Southern Chicken is another crowd favourite, featuring a delicious chipotle sauce, crisp chicken, and delicious Southern Chicken. However, you will need to throw out a lot of pickles. )

Although I haven’t tried it, I’ve heard that the veggo menu is quite good. Ribs & Burgers are one of few fast-food restaurants that use Beyond meat. I’m thinking about trying the mushroom burger for my next meal.

Royal Stacks (VIC)

Royal Stacks is a little underdog because it has yet to make it out of Victoria. This is a shame because these burgers can be incredibly delicious. They’re a great place to eat if you’re in town for PAX Australia. There’s even a Collins St store. Although they’re incredibly greasy and unhealthy for your health, the genius behind these burgers cannot be ignored. Royal Stacks is a new addition to the burger family.

Bacon Bacon is a burger that is packed with more meat and bacon than your body can handle. But Miss Elizabeth is the real winner. This burger, named after an iconic wrestler, is simple and delicious. It includes a patty with swiss cheese, truffle mayo, and a simple patty. Although it’s difficult to decide which is better, both are worth a close look if you have the time.

Milky Lane (NSW, QLD, ACT)

Milky Lane, a fast-growing burger restaurant chain inspired by youth culture, is expanding rapidly. You’ll find a variety of burgers named after Kanye or Kevin Bacon. They are loaded with melting, cheesy goodness. Fried Chicken Weezy is the most popular of all burgers. It’s a stackable Southern Fried Chicken bun with double cheese and American mustard.

It’s a great fast food option if you haven’t tried it before. Milky Lane’s burgers will clog your arteries, but they have one of Australia’s most delicious and delicious burgers.