Thanksgiving can be enjoyed by all food lovers, regardless of their nationality. The holiday was originally celebrated to celebrate colonists’ first harvest in the New World. It has since become an integral part of American culture.

Modern-day Thanksgiving dinners usually include turkey and ham, corn (on or off of the cob), potatoes and cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie. Pilgrims had fewer options. Most likely, they ate locally grown seafood, wild turkey and other fowl, peas and beans, radishes and grapes, as well as nuts and swans. There was not a single pumpkin pie and no whipped cream.

Jamaican Curry Goat

Although curry goat may not be the traditional Thanksgiving dish, it is delicious Jamaican cuisine that can substitute for turkey. Goat is also very healthy. It has much lower fat than beef or skinless chicken. To preserve the flesh’s natural flavour and tenderness, it must be cooked at low temperatures. Make sure you allow plenty of time to cook.

It’s not recommended for sensitive taste buds as Jamaican cuisine is well-known for its spicy flavour. Cubed goat leg meat is necessary if you want to live dangerously. You can also add peppers, shredded coconut and red currant jelly to this dish. Depending on which recipe you use, you can make a curry sauce that the goat can be marinated in or cooked in.


Baklava, a sweet Mediterranean dessert, is perfect for any Thanksgiving dessert. Its flavour is pleasant but not overwhelming. This pastry is made from layers of phyllo pastry that have been soaked in butter, chopped nuts, and other delicious spices. The pastry is baked, then drenched with honey.

Baklava recipes typically include nuts, butter and phyllo pastry. Baklava is not an easy dessert, so it’s worth trying a few different recipes before Thanksgiving. You can also buy them from speciality bakeries. We don’t care about where it came from. They will eat it all.

Salata de Varza

Try coleslaw made Romanian-style if your taste buds yearn for something more than a regular green salad. This is Salata Garza, and it could be the perfect solution for you. It tastes a lot like American slaw, so even those with less adventurous palates can enjoy it. It’s also easy to prepare and doesn’t need to be baked like other Turkey Day dishes.

Salata de Garza is a mixture of thinly sliced cabbage and shredded carrots. It also includes olive oil, white vinegar, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Instead of hiding cabbage’s flavour, this Romanian version encourages it. This slaw is also healthier than American varieties that are loaded with mayo.

Tacos & Burritos

There are more Latino immigrants living in America than ever before. Many Thanksgiving tables are filled with tacos and burritos. You can make burritos using authentic flour and corn tortillas. You and your friends can also fill tortillas with traditional Thanksgiving foods like turkey and stuffing.

You can make Thanksgiving-style turkey empanadas if you have leftover turkey. This delicious dish can be made with puff pastry, gravy and turkey.

Rice and beans

Cuban-style rice and beans are just as delicious as they are versatile. They’re also not as unhealthy as other Turkey Day meals. Many Cuban Americans and Cuban Americans feel that a celebration is incomplete without black beans or red rice.

This dish is easy to prepare and paired with almost any meal, even tired Thanksgiving chefs. Congri is Cuban red beans with rice. It’s similar to the Cajun-style version that can be found in Louisiana. However, it’s seasoned using cilantro and oregano.