You may have tried cooking a burger on the barbecue or kitchen. It could have been perfectly cooked on the inside but tasteless. Maybe the outside was charred and had a salty flavor but the inside was too cooked. At one of America’s 101 top burger places, the burgers are perfectly cooked inside. They are also nicely charred on both the outside and the inside. What’s the secret?

It’s all about the tools in the kitchen, as it turns out.

Most top-quality burger restaurants use Flat-top grills to cook their burgers. The grills are heated at the same temperature so that the burgers get a sear and cook evenly on the inside. This locks in the juices. You can also press the patties onto the grill immediately after being cooked. The crust is then removed with a sharp spatula.
The best burger chefs know when a burger has been cooked by pressing it. They then melt the cheese by covering the patty in a bowl and squirting water underneath to create steam. This is a bit like this stovetop TikTok trick.

How do you recreate this at home? Although it’s not easy, you can make this happen at home with a cast-iron pan and a good spatula. You can practice makes perfect. However, if you prefer to eat at a restaurant for your burgers, you car easily search best burger place in barrhaven and find the best.

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