Because it is time with important people to me, I love holidays. It’s hard to find time to spend with loved ones and family when we live hectic lives. Quality time is my number one favorite part of holidays. If you are a true foodie, you will agree! Easter can often be filled with sweets and large meals. There aren’t many options for vegans if they follow a plant-based diet.

Simple Zucchini Roll-Ups

Easter marks the transition from winter to spring. It’s wonderful to swap hearty comfort foods for light, airy dishes.

These simple zucchini rolls are light, delicious, and perfect for Easter. A ribboned zucchini is topped in cashew cream cheese and then rolled up with fresh dill and asparagus. Before the big meal, share a platter! These easy zucchini roll-ups can be made in a few minutes.

Vegan Deviled Potatoes

Deviled eggs can be used for any occasion or holiday meal. Deviled eggs are a crowd favorite, but they are not vegan-friendly. This vegan version uses potatoes which you will love.

Mini potatoes in egg size are a great substitute. The creamy filling is made with mashed potato and the familiar flavors of mustard and paprika.

Vegan Dessert Hummus with Cake Batter

This recipe will amaze you! Amazingly, dessert and hummus can be used together! Our dessert cake batter hummus is addictive and vibrant in color.

This appetizer is perfect for sharing with family and friends during Easter weekend. Serve this dessert hummus with fresh fruits and vegan wafer cookies. Take a look at these 20 Best Easter Vegan Treats!

Pea Pesto Pasta With Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Arugula

For a hearty feast, side dishes are essential. However, fresh salads can be a great way to balance out the meal. Comforting pasta made with fresh arugula, pea pesto and bold peas.

This salad is full of flavor and vibrant colors. This salad will be a hit at the dinner table.

Vegan Bunny Soft Pretzels

These adorable bunny soft pretzels are sure to fill up your basket! These soft, chewy pretzels are a great substitute for store-bought buns.

This vegan recipe makes 6 servings and can be enjoyed warm. Serve warm straight from the oven, or warm them up before eating.

Vegan hot crossed buns

Hot cross buns are a classic Easter food item. This vegan version is made with rich dark chocolate and dried tart cherries.

You can make a batch of them for Easter to share with your family and friends. They will enjoy the delicious flavors and the care you took to make them.

Instant Pot Butternut Squash

A variety of side dishes can make any meal a feast. Butternut squash is a crowd-favorite this Easter!

The oven is often the most used space during major holidays such as Easter. Instead, use our Instant Pot Hack to cook your squash. The Instant Pot cooks your squash quickly and produces amazing results. It peels off the skin, which means that there is no leftover squash!

Vegan Green Bean Casserole

American favorites include green bean casserole! Although it is traditionally served on Thanksgiving, it’s delicious and extremely savory so that you can serve it at Easter!

This recipe gives a vegan twist to a classic recipe. This casserole is vegan-friendly and dairy-free, so even non-vegan family members won’t notice. This recipe is easy to prepare and takes only 35 minutes.

Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

Another traditional Easter side dish is scalloped potatoes! This traditional side dish is loaded with cheese and dairy ingredients, not allowed on a plant-based diet.

With a few modifications, you can easily recreate your childhood favorite recipes. These potatoes have a creamy texture thanks to homemade cashew cream sauce. You’ll also enjoy the savory flavors and aromas of garlic and onion, along with the creamy sauce.

Vegan Cashew Cheese, Asparagus Tart

Asparagus is always in season during spring, so it is obvious why you should have them on your Easter dinner menu! This vegan version of the asparagus and cheese tart is a traditional Easter dish.

Flaky pastry is then topped with vibrant lemon cashew and finished with asparagus and garlic. Bake the tart in the oven for about 20 minutes or until it turns a beautiful golden color.

Whole Roasted Carrots With Maple Tahini

Roasted carrots are a great side dish to any holiday meal. If you want to leave a lasting impression, serve these whole roasted carrots with maple honey tahini.

These colorful carrots are far more interesting than simple orange carrots. These carrots are also extra special because of the maple tahini drizzles, which are sweet and delicious!

Vegan Mushroom Wellington

If you want to make it special, you should prepare a delicious Easter meal! This vegan mushroom wellington looks amazing and tastes incredible!

A portabello and savory onion filling surround the flaky golden pastry. The entire entree is ready in just one hour, but the cooking takes 50 minutes.

Vegan Seitan Ham with a Pineapple Mustard Glaze

This vegan smoked ham is made from no animal products. Seitan, a portion of high-protein food made from wheat gluten, makes this vegan ham.

Although it can seem daunting to make seitan, it will become a very simple task once you start to get used to it. This seitan ham is richly flavored with sweet, smokey and rich flavors that you will enjoy it!

Seitan Turkey with Squash & Mushroom Filling

To make a vegan turkey, you can also make seitan. This vegan turkey comes with a squash- and mushroom-filled filling.

It will make you swoon over the scent and beg for more once you’ve tried it. Although it may take some extra time, the rewards will be well worth it.

Simple Vegan Gravy

Make a savory gravy for your main dish, or top it with fluffy mashed potatoes. This vegan gravy is easy to make and takes only 5 minutes.

The base of the gravy is vegetable broth. To thicken the gravy, flour is used. Next, nutritional yeast, onion powder and soy sauce provide the savory flavor.

Garden Stuffed Turkey

Everyone can’t be a chef, and it is okay to have a busy schedule. There are many vegan meat options that you can purchase at the grocery store. They will make your stomach happy and your conscience even happier.

This Garden Stuffed Turkey’s is a great option. These are amazing. I have tried them, and they taste great. These are available at specialty food shops and Walmart.

Garden Turkey Cutlets

These Gardien Turkey Cutlets are a great choice if you don’t want or need any fancy garnishes. The tender vegan meat is coated in a delicious breading.

Two cutlets are 260 calories each and have 22 grams of protein. These cutlets can also be purchased at Walmart and specialty food shops.

Tofurky Plant-Based Ham Roast

This Tofurky Plant-Based Ham is another great option for Easter dinner. This is a simple recipe, and it comes with a delicious amber ale glaze.

This vegan ham has a wonderful glaze with a sweet, delicious flavor. For a truly delicious feast, serve the ham with your favorite side dish!

Holiday Feast for Tofurky

This Tofurky Plant-Based Holiday Feast is a real treat! This holiday roast comes with delicious savory stuffing.

You’ll also receive a decadent vegan chocolate cheesecake and savory vegan gravy in this feast. This sounds easy, and it’s a good idea to have some of it during holidays.